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Start the Presses!

I have never had so many people want to talk with me about a show in the week before it opens as I have for Women's Work at the Museum of Contemporary Art Jacksonville! Here are some of the places I've popped up in press in the past couple weeks: WJCT Folio Weekly Essential Culture Podcast Network (ECPN) This is not to say other projects have not received attention. For Madame Bonaparte, I even appeared on an afternoon talk show. I'm honored that my projects get ink and air, but it always forces me to listen to my own voice in a new way. Though I pride myself on words, I'm most at home drafting and crafting for the page. Interviewing feels new every time, and when I listen or read back on my

Notes on Site-Specific, Environmental, Interactive Theatre

The following was published as director's notes in the program for Women's Work, an original, immersive theater experience at the Museum of Modern Art Jacksonville. The full program is available here. It will also be published on the Phase Eight Theatre Company blog. There are many ways to experience story. When you read a book, your sight is the most engaged. Your mind may make you feel totally immersed in the story, but in reality, there you are in your chair, not in the English countryside. You cannot see the phosphorescent hounds glowing in the dark. When you watch a film, your sight is engaged with recorded image, your ears with recorded sound. The mix may make you feel totally immersed

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