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Interview re: Women's Work

Click here to hear my interview with the Essential Culture Podcast Network's (ECPN) Tim Driscoll about my play Women's Work. Another conversation with Tim about immersive theater is on the way...!

Lauren Gunderson asked...

"Why do you love theater?" I could give a lot of different answers that would vary day-to-day, but here is what I said this week via Instagram: Theater connects me to others around me and the great human drama that has unfolded since we began. It celebrates our greatest strengths, questions our habitual weaknesses, and dignifies our difficult choices, yielding truth if not clarity, offering solace if not joy. It reminds me I am not alone nor so unique in my sorrow or my triumph, and that as a social creature, if I can share it, I can shoulder it. And while it me a bit self-conscious that my handle and content makes it seem like Ms. G was replying to my dogs, this small reply makes this socia

Immersive, Mysterious Museum Theater

Given my recent serendipitous spate of writing museum theater, I have been reflecting on how many formative experiences happened for me at this rich intersection of education and drama. Each summer of my childhood, my mother, brother, aunt, and cousin made the trek up the Eastern seaboard to the family's summer cottage in Maine and then back homeward for the school year. Along the way, we stopped at historical sites with reenactment like Colonial Williamsburg, Mount Vernon, and Old Sturbridge Village. Between visits to museums, my cousin Jenny and I curated our own collections of recreated historical miniatures and dramatized historical fictions--with our American Girl Dolls. When an educati

Alice in Beachesland

I’m directing a new adaptation of Alice in Wonderland by Dave Alan Thomas at All Beaches Experimental Theater in spring of 2019! The whimsical stuff that makes up Alice’s wonderland will be fun to shop for. I started with flamingoes!

Halloween Moon Rising

Announcing my latest commission! Is it fall yet? Because I’m very excited to script and present a new immersive play, coming October of this year. Y-Not Theatre and the Matheson Museum of Gainesville, FL have partnered to present two nights of murder, mischeif, and mystery based on history. Below are the “teaser” character description couplets I created to set the mood and introduce the piece. Stay tuned for more clues...! “Three times married, three times a widow; a wild Halloween should ensnare her a fourth beau... “He’s a dark-eyed flying ace—at least he plays one in the fliks. He’ll chase the cash he needs into the city or the sticks... “His charm will overtake you, though his job’s t

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