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As a former classroom teacher with AP grading experience and as a manager of creative projects, I bring an understanding of curriculum design, organizational skills, and individual understanding to each student I work with. My playwright's love of the world-building, persuasive powers of language allows me to teach English and Writing with energy, imagination, and practicality.

Female Students
Students Taking Exams
Researching and Writing


Students' success hinges not only on subject-based skill and interest, but their ability to think about their thinking, learn about their learning, and effectively organize their time and activities.

I can support this meta-learning and help students stay on top of their studies through creative, custom techniques, and meaningful habit-tracking and reflection.

Serious academics require some mental gymnastics: if you're struggling to build the strength, flexibility, and stamina school requires, especially during uncertain times, it might be time for a coach.


As an English teacher of seven years and a qualified AP Language & Composition teacher and reader, I can help students  with grammar, rhetorical techniques, essay organization, research, and writing in an academic voice.

My instruction revolves around identifying and mastering patterns of language and story as well as habits of working that can serve students in their current class and beyond.

Please contact me about scheduling and rates during the school year.


College applications are my favorite student writing prompt. The marriage of an open-ended, personal task with a concrete, practical end produces meaningful content and purposeful style. I provide questions, examples, and feedback that guide students toward a "600-words-or-less" personal statement that will introduce colleges to their authentic selves in their most effective voice.

If you are a rising junior or senior in the Jacksonville area, consider attending my workshop July 30 - August 2.

Ready to Get Published
Drama Performance


As a high school theater teacher, I know the difficulty of finding a smart, relevant, appropriate script that accommodates every performer in your program and gives them each a moment to shine.

If you're fatigued by play databases or have unique goals for your student population, consider commissioning me to create an original work suited to your educational and performance goals.

Pricing is more reasonable than you think--and comes with the added value of students originating roles and engaging directly with the playwright.


Dramaturgy has emerged as an increasingly important part of play creation and production. After an initial reading of your script and an in-depth conversation with you about your vision and voice, I edit for clarity and producibility, research for depth and accuracy, and anticipate audience reactions and questions in order to sharpen your script into a vital and viable work.

I served as a teaching assistant in the undergraduate playwriting program at Northwestern University, where I also began the PLAYground festival of Fresh Works, now in its tenth year. I have taught playwriting to high school students and worked with professional and emerging authors to refine their work for the stage.


My experience as a student, teacher, actor, and director of Shakespeare sharpened my insight into not only 17th century texts but the modern reader who encounters them. Whether I am working with the leading lady or a struggling student, I use the same clear vocabulary and character insights to access the logic and humanity in Shakespeare's works. 

I have served as a judge for the English Speaking Union's annual Shakespeare competition and coached high-placing competitors on to the next level. Whether you want to increase understanding and improve performance on a test or on the stage, I can help.

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