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Halloween Moon Rising

Announcing my latest commission! Is it fall yet? Because I’m very excited to script and present a new immersive play, coming October of this year.

Y-Not Theatre and the Matheson Museum of Gainesville, FL have partnered to present two nights of murder, mischeif, and mystery based on history. Below are the “teaser” character description couplets I created to set the mood and introduce the piece. Stay tuned for more clues...!

“Three times married, three times a widow; a wild Halloween should ensnare her a fourth beau... “He’s a dark-eyed flying ace—at least he plays one in the fliks. He’ll chase the cash he needs into the city or the sticks... “His charm will overtake you, though his job’s to undertake. His killer sense of humor will a lively party make... “From Canada to Cuba, he’s the most dashing and then some. By ‘dashing’ we mean running—on a spree, out of time, and with rum... “She cannot tell the future though she sees it plain as day. Ironic when a mute palm reader gives your secrets all away... “This author’s just arrived and though she doesn’t know it yet, to cross the creek on Mischief Night could be her last regret... “Mischief Night, Gainesville, 1928: when someone at the party will meet a grisly fate.” 

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